We develop apps for Mac and Windows, simply click on the links beneath each app description for more details, screenshots, purchasing etc. Click on ‘User manual’ links to view user manuals (or right-click and "save/download as" to save the manual to your computer). Manuals are in PDF format.

Mac users: If you experience a security message when attempting to run our apps, go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy and under "Allow apps downloaded from" and choose "Anywhere". If you do not want to change your security settings you can right-click on the app and select "Open".

Rename multiple files/folders, formatting names and extensions by adding, removing, replacing text, and by numbering.
Mac, Windows, User manual

Passwords safely stores your passwords and other sensitive data, quickly launch your browser and auto-complete website log-in’s.
Mac, Windows, User manual

Shred securely erases files, meaning that if they are ever recovered (by specialist software) their content will be useless.
Mac, Windows, User manual

NCrypt will encrypt (and decrypt) files of any type using AES encryption. Can encrypt files without making a copy of them or you can preserve the original file.
Mac, Windows, User manual  (click HERE to download old NCrypt version 1.02, or DCrypt 1.01)

WipeFS erases unused free space on hard disks, USB flash drives etc, to prevent the recovery of information from deleted files.
Mac, Windows, User manual

Backup copies individual files or entire folder structures to a target destination. It duplicates the content of a source folder or file to a target folder.
Mac, Windows, User manual

Shutdown provides you with the ability to shutdown, restart, sleep or log off your computer at specific times on specific days.
Mac, Windows, User manual (Mac version)

Sounds is an easy to use music player. Create your own playlists and/or import playlists from iTunes. Lots of preferences to explore and tailor the app.
Mac, Windows, User manual

Scatter creates 'windows' out of your pictures which can be placed anywhere on the screen, with optional transparency (and more!).
Mac, User manual

Decisions keeps lists of reasons (pros and cons) regarding decisions you have to make. Hopefully it can help you make your mind up!
Mac, Windows, User manual

When lets you keep a list of events and shows you when they are due, or in the case of past events when they occurred.
Mac, Windows, User manual

Pieces splits large files of any type into smaller pieces, or join file pieces (001, 002 etc) together to make one file.
Mac, Windows, User manual

Touch alters the creation and last modified date and time of files and folders. It can even process inside folders.
Mac, Windows, User manual

Rest reminds you to take breaks while using a computer for extended periods of time, help prevent eyestrain, stiff neck, headaches, back aches, and RSI.
Mac, User manual

Trip lets you calculate the cost of a journey, your average MPG, how much fuel would be needed for a journey, and how much fuel you get for your money.
Mac, Windows, User manual

DCrypt is free and for use by people who might receive a file encrypted with our app NCrypt. They can decrypt the file using the same key used to encrypt it.
Mac & Windows, User manual